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Coding classes

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

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Coding classes

Lyrical Vision Scholars recently completed an 8-week virtual coding series. Ariana, one of our Lyrical Vision Scholars, taught middle school girls from Central Park School for Children (CPSFC), the art of coding with Scratch. The girls also learned about innovative women in the tech field.

During our training we received an invitation to join StrongHER TogetHER in their Mentee to Mentors webinar with Chynna, Kristin and Yene. The three of them worked with the former first lady, Michelle Obama.

“In our time together, these 3 powerhouses were authentic and thoughtful in sharing wisdom about things like how situations that might’ve embarrassed them during grade school ended up being integral to their adulthood, managing social media, maneuvering through mean-girl situations, the reality of inequities for women and special insight for girls and women of color. We are so thankful to be a part of the journey from MENTEE to MENTOR with these amazing young women. They were honest about the hardships, but they inspired each of us to believe the difference is ours to make.” StrongHER TogetHER.

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Sahmad, taught 3rd, 4th and 5th graders at CPSFC. Together they created animated stories and games. One student even created an “Among Us” game that all of the kids enjoyed playing.

"We wanted to say thank you for working with Ari these pat weeks... His Tuesday sessions have been a highlight of his fall and he has enjoyed them very much. Please extend our than you to Sahmad as well, he seemed to work really well with the students." David Palmieri and Sandra Martinez-Zuniga

Sahmad also taught the younger scholars how to add music and sound effects to their projects (read more about Sahmad’s experience on the Lyrical Vision Scholars page) .

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