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Lyrical Vision Scholars Projects

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Often told to “be quiet, let the grown folks talk”, Lyrical Vision Scholars are working behind the scenes preparing to debut their first podcast. "I enjoyed hearing from Kian Brown, The

Brand Elevator. He gave me some great advice about how to open up more and some interviewing tips. That was helpful for my preparation as an occasional host." commented Robert.

After getting tips from Kian and Drew Johnson from the Cape & Drew Podcast, we caught up with two more of the LVS podcast team members during preproduction. Johna stated, "(When joining the podcast squad) I was able to meet and work alongside very intelligent and talented young individuals from around the state."

"I’m a researcher and a moderator on the podcast" Ace, one of the- co-hosts and an editors for our podcasts said, "I like having discussions with my friends and I like that everyone respects each other."

We have a total of 9 members in the Podcast Squad and they have a lot to say.

Stay tuned to hear what’s on the mind of Gen-Z in their informative and entertaining podcast cleverly called, “The Grown-ups are Speaking.”

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