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About Lyrical Vision

Write your vision. Make it plain.

Lyrical Vision, Inc., the parent company of the nonprofit Lyrical Vision Scholars, collaborates with its network to create and support the development of multimedia events and projects for individuals, small business owners, organizations and youth. We are educators and entrepreneurs who specialize in developing e-learning courses, producing, directing and editing video and audio projects, web design, asynchronous and synchronous event planning, and providing STEAM learning and mentorship opportunities for youth and members of our global community. Choosing us to support your business benefits the youth in our village.

Umoja - “unity” – To strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation and race. 

e-learning Course Design

Want to create an engaging training course for your employees or clients but you're not sure

where to start?

Let us do the work for you!

We are educators who design with the instructor and

the student in mind.

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Earn money while you sleep by having your online course available 24/7.

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  Youth STEAMA   Programming

Interested in innovative ways to support your after-school program or youth group?

Let us facilitate engaging teaching and learning opportunities for your  students with varied Science,Technology, Engineering, Art, Math and Agriculture interests.

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We are ready to assist!

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video production

Need a fresh new way to promote your business,

or multimedia idea?

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We have over 2 decades of experience.

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web design services

Need a website to support your business needs?

Hire us to design your site! 

Put 15+ years of tech to

work for you.

As a BlueHost affiliate,

we receive a commission that will support our youth programming.  

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I am a multimedia creative and a STEM Advocate who integrates agriculture and the arts. I’ve worked collaboratively with both youth and adults for more than two decades. Now venturing into an avant-garde approach, I facilitate engaging activities that are meaningful and relevant to members of my village, primarily driven by THEIR interests and often self-initiated. I pride myself in serving as a catalyst for the growth mindset of those whom I encounter.

I have produced and directed several television series, as well as educational, promotional, informational and entertaining video projects. Traveling to Haiti, Ghana, and Kenya working with adult entrepreneurs and youth from around the world has nurtured my passion to help others realize their dreams. Currently, I volunteer and serve as Co-Curriculum Lead for the Raleigh Durham chapter of Black Girls Code (BGC). As an active member of this organization, I co-facilitate monthly workshops with local volunteers and girls 7-17 years of age. In 2019 I was selected as one of eight to represent BGC at the Microsoft Ignite Conference in Orlando, FL.


I am also a founding member and Vice President of the Technology Leadership Association, which was established by Educational Technology graduate students from North Carolina Central University. Our mission is to "demystify innovation and empower a multi-generational community of learners by transforming curiosity of technology into confidence in application and practice." For this organization, I serve as a visionary for virtual programming and training.

I use my passion and expertise in multi-media and academia to inspire students to research, reimagine and revolutionize the world in which they live. I strive to inspire them to not just think outside the box, but to erase the notion that a box even exists. I am developing paths for culturally diverse scholars to become innovators and economic drivers through STEM fields. With Lyrical Vision, I will continue to create a community network that extends beyond borders and promotes the success of everyone in my village.


Our Mission

We encourage creativity along with self-sufficiency.

Our Vision

To see the dreams of culturally diverse people realized!



"Teaming up with Lyrical Vision was exactly what 2MQ Consulting was looking for in a professional e-learning designer. They not only understood our vision of creating standardized business development training for flight schools, but they were equally passionate about transforming our technical content into an engaging learner

experience for our end users."

Monica Meadows, Chief Executive Officer, 2MQ Consulting, LLC

"Partnering with Ms. Breynae has been a rewarding experience. When planning events, she contributes greatly from conception to execution. Her ability to communicate effectively, utilize her organizational skills, and assess the needs of our EDU community has been essential to our success. I look forward to working closely with her throughout the 2020-2021 academic year to continue serving local students and educators.”

Angelyn Smith, Community Development Specialist, Microsoft

"I have had the pleasure of interacting with Ms. Breynae’s professional development over the past five years and I can state with confidence that she is a motivated, competent and responsible persona with a high degree of integrity.... Ms. Breynae takes the initiative to identify creative solutions to traditional problems. Her role requires strong communication skills and tight organizational plans. She also has the ability to inspire respect and cooperation in teammates. She demonstrates a level of expertise, focus

and goal setting critical for success."

Chanel Carrell, Educator Central Park School for Children

“Growing up I think it would be safe to say that I was a troubled teen. I’ve always heard about the great potential I possessed, but we all know what they say about idle hands. In an effort to keep me busy and out of trouble my mother found a program for teens (Tuned in Youth) that focused on educating other youth about the dangers of smoking, drugs, and alcohol via public service announcements... Ms. Dawnn became very instrumental in my life, whether she was helping me overcome my fear of heights, teaching me how to write a storyboard or encouraging me to reach that potential I had been hearing so much about. Many people can’t say they had a woman like Ms. Dawnn influence their lives at such a critical moment, but I can, and for her I am grateful.” 

E. Patrick Walker II, SGT, US Army

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