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Making Dreams Come True

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Lyrical Vision, Inc. is collaborating with 2MQ Consulting to bring one aspect of their vision, “to be the leading outsourced business development strategy resource in the aviation industry for flight schools and academic institutions throughout the United States,” to life. We are designing an engaging learning experience to support the aviation industry.

"Teaming up with Lyrical Vision was exactly what 2MQ Consulting was looking for in a professional e-learning designer. They not only understood our vision of creating standardized business development training for flight schools, but they were equally passionate about transforming our technical content into an engaging learner experience for our end users." ~ Monica Meadows, Chief Executive Officer,

Lyrical Vision recently created 3 videos for Isaac Blount, of the Entrepreneurship Mindset. We produced course introductory videos for the classes that he taught at community colleges as well as one promotional video for his website. For a sneak peek at our work while receiving great tips on how your startup can thrive visit

Speaking of the Entrepreneurship Mindset program, during the first quarter of 2021, Lyrical Vision, Inc. is partnering with the founder of Entrepreneurship Mindset University to facilitate a vision planning and implementation series. “Pen to Win” will be a 3-session workshop, preceded by an Entrepreneurship Mindset Master Class offered by Isaac Blount. This will be a Technology Leadership Association sponsored event.

In this workshop, you will commit to reserving a designated amount of time each month to develop your vision. 2021 will be the year you finally make that vision board a reality and you’ll have lots of support to make it happen.

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